Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jury Deadlocked for Three Days in this Case Defended by David Sloane

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Teens Remember Friend Killed In Racing Crash
Hurst Teen Died In Street Racing Accident, Police Say

HURST, Texas -- Friends of a Hurst teenager killed in a street racing accident over the weekend think little will change following the death of their friend. The deadly crash that killed Corey Fournier happened in Fort Worth business parking lot on Saturday when Fournier's boyfriend, 18-year-old Earl O'Gorman, lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a parked trailer.
Witness John Potts doesn't think Fournier's death will stop the teens from continuing to race. "I think they will still be out here next Saturday night," Potts said.
The area off the 700 block of Railhead Avenue is known for street racing and car stunts.
O'Gorman reportedly tried to jump a hill in his sport utility vehicle at speeds of 60 to 70 mph, police said. After jumping the hill, Potts estimated that the SUV was 7-8 feet off of the ground.
He landed and lost control, hitting a trailer, police said.
Fournier's best friend, Rachel Barton, was stunned and said she felt like her friend was still around. "I can't believe it was her. I wish it was me ... I can't believe she's gone," said Barton.
O'Gorman was jailed on charges of criminally negligent homicide, and was released on $25,000 bond.
His attorney, David Sloane, told NBC 5 that a blood test administered to O'Gorman immediately after the accident showed that the teen had no alcohol or drugs in his system.

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